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The Importance of Web Maintenance

Having a well-structured website is very important. However, simply having your website up and running is not enough. Regularly maintaining your site is crucial to ensuring that your site is running at full capacity. Just like cars, websites require maintenance to operate properly. Here are 6 reasons why we believe it’s important to maintain your site. 

1. Security and Protection

The most important benefit of website maintenance is that your website will be protected from hackers. Hackers are always at large looking for websites with security gaps or vulnerabilities to exploit, it is suggested that you have a capable website maintenance team who can spot bugs on your site and promptly fix them to forestall attacks. With the service of a website maintenance team, you will be able to also keep your website software updated to the latest versions and also install any available security patches. 

2. Improved User Experience

One question you should ask yourself all the time is ‘does my website meet the visitors’ expectations? Does it load slowly and fast? If not, then it means that you will need an upgrade. To have more lead generation and improved traffic conversion, you need to maintain your website to the best standard using the most sophisticated features. If your website is loading super slow, you will lose a lot of clients for your business. You also have to keep in mind that your website needs to be compatible with mobile devices. Therefore, it is essential that you get a team that will regularly be fixing the loading errors, broken links, and other inconveniences.

3. Backup Files

One of the primary actions of website maintenance is to back up all your website files. One of the biggest nightmares brands can have is needing to rebuild your website all over again because you missed this step. This is why we recommend a monthly backup. However, if you own a more complex website with dynamic content and images that are changing constantly such as an eCommerce website, then you might consider backing it up more frequently. 

4. Improve SEO rankings

The search engines prefer sites that are fast, error free, well maintained and most of all: they love to index fresh content. So every time you update the website, you are giving the search engines new material with which to rank your site. You must ensure that your website is regularly updated with material related subjects with which you want people to find your business. 

5. Save Time and Money 

Your website was, most likely a large investment for your company that took weeks and months to finish. You don’t want to throw all that effort and expense away if something goes wrong and your site is hacked or accidentally gets deleted without being backed up. Having a trusted, diligent source monitoring your site’s health is extremely beneficial and will ensure the longevity of your website.

6. More Conversions

Regardless if you are selling products or services on your business website, your website is your shop window. Most often, it is the first thing shoppers and consumers will notice about your business. Just like a brick and mortar store owner will keep their store windows appealing, you need to do the same on your business website and if you sell your products or services online, your website needs to convert visitors into buyers. 

We strongly believe that comprehensive website maintenance will be beneficial for your company. In addition to protecting your website and keeping it running smoothly, we can help you in many ways. Parachute has a team of web developers and web designers with over 40 years of collective experience who would love to help you with your website needs. Get in touch with us. 


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